RISD: Detroit Redux

Advanced Grad Studio II | Pistons Arena
Project Length – 10 Weeks

The Detroit Pistons’ new arena is sited along the waterfront of downtown Detroit. It is a beacon to regional fans as well as an example to be followed for future development. The roof of the arena becomes a site of occupancy where visual connections are made between paying fans, players and tailgaters on the outside. This is achieved through deep cuts and peeling in the roof plane. This peeling facilitates the insertion of program, geometry and the hard and soft surface that provide opportunities for different sports and activities. The exclusivity of the stadium is inverted and spilled out across the site; this gives fans a place to create their own competitions. The landscape is an extension of the stadium, forging connections to the greater area as an outdoor fitness park and place where fans without tickets can simply lean against the arena roof and see their team play.