RISD: Design Principles: Puppet Theater

Grad Studio I – Theater
Project Length – 10 Weeks

Beginning with the most basic system, the knot, I investigated the various design possibilities that can evolve from that system. Moving from stage to stage via design charettes, I investigated ground, site, light, materiality and modular design. Warm toned wood is used to draw a gradient of light back through the crowd. The exterior walls are constructed with concrete modules. These modules contain the logic of the knot and give the building its porous appearance and illuminative permeability.

The program of a 1.5 scale puppet theater gave me the opportunity to design based on the sidedness of the spectacle. Traditional indoor seating was created for a more intimate performance space while the outdoor seating provided for a dramatic view across a ravine. At night, the theater serves as a beacon to would be patrons. The performance casts its shadows on the surrounding trees and landscape, animating them with light.