RISD: Community Garden Project

Grad Studio II – Spring 2010 | Community Garden
Project Length – 9 Weeks

Role – Construction Manager, Builder, 3D Modeling and Design

Elements: shaded area, perimeter fence, tool storage, planting beds, and pedestrian/truck access. These elements create zones of varied activity. Public areas such as tool storage and major pathways as well as the semi-private planting beds, provide new and unique opportunities for the people of Elmwood to connect with one another. The relationship between the planting areas can thus provide not only an efficient and usable space, but an opportunity to engage with the local community. We investigated this relationship by designing beds of different proportions and orientations. Spaces for kneeling, standing, and sitting are integrated throughout each of the four planting areas. This combination of differing bed types allows each member of the community garden to work where they are most comfortable. My role as co-designer, construction manager and coordinator of the modular installation can be seen throughout the following project.